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Use art to enhances your brand message

by Lori Hoffman

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Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:38 am



For any space to be effective, all elements must work together. Whether it is a commercial space or an interior, all elements combine to create a harmonious experience. Whether it’s lighting, architectural elements, artwork, furniture, hard surfaces, graphics, or anything else that will be in the space, the selection of each of these elements can support or detract from one another.

Take for instance this concept for a restaurant interior. This café will be sharing the building with the primary tenant, a member’s-only medical day spa. Synergy between these two businesses was essential as the primary goal was create a convenient micro-retreat whereby women can make a single stop and enjoy a variety of spa-type services depending on their needs. Therefore, the concept for this café centered upon creating a small, lively, gourmet restaurant that focused on healthy, zesty, spa cuisine.

The client’s vision was to create a small, very hip café that catered to the members of the spa, along with providing select spa menu items to go. Catering to the increased interest in healthy cuisine, the restaurant seating included both eat-in dining for several small tables and patio seating.

The branding for this new restaurant was critical. Not only did the interior need to reflect the personality of the restaurant, but it also needed to reflect the unusual dishes that made up their healthy, gourmet cuisine. Therefore, it demanded mindful attention to all aspects of the design. Not only was careful consideration given to all the café’s surfaces including the custom wood ceiling baffle, the wrought iron furniture, the wall finishes, light fixtures, the flooring, the equipment and the restaurant layout, but careful consideration was also applied to the artwork…which plays an important role in this interior.

Reflecting the essence of wholesome, yet delectable and unique cuisine, the art needed harmonize with the café’s macro message. As such, the artwork could not be just simple decoration. It became instead, the critical focal point for the interior. Therefore, to achieve this end, we called upon the talents of celebrated international artist, Katina Zinner.




For anyone who may be unfamiliar with her work, Zinner’s leaf paintings feature strikingly colored leaf arrangements on large canvases. Their brilliantly colored shapes epitomized the vibrancy of the restaurant’s brand. Modern, but down-to-earth, their brilliant patterning appears fresh and alive. In particular, Zinner’s two paintings, “Impassioned Fall” and “Wet Hike” have been chosen to grace the interior.

At writing, the project is still under way and the details are being finalized as we speak. Suffice it to say, those who have been privy to the project’s development are full of praise and the client is pleased. If this is any indicator of future popular acceptance, the café can look forward to positive reviews, which will in turn, drive more traffic. In the end, that is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

More about the artist…

Katina’s work has also been featured in several locations including the Drago Ristorante and L.A. Farm (both in Santa Monica, California), the Malibu Gallery the Thomas Moser Showroom (Culver City, California), the Monello Gallery (Santa Barbara), and the Galleria Moncada (Rome, Italy) among many others. An international talent, Katina Zinner is the daughter of Christa and Peter Zinner.

In his time, her father, Peter was re-known as the bright, charismatic and extremely talented man, whose dreams of coming to America resulted in several Academy Award nominations for such films as The Godfather and An Officer and a Gentleman, along with an Oscar victory for The Deer Hunter. In bright contrast, her mother Christa Zinner is the iconic photographer and sculptor whose celebrity and fashion shots have graced the covers of Look, Life and Ebony, and others, to name a few.

For more information on the artist Katina or Christa Zinner, please go to www.katinazinner.com or www.christazinner.net

You may also contact Katina directly by cell: 310. 429. 4065 or by email using: info@katinazinner.com