The best results come from good strategies.

Design…It’s more than just decoration.

The strategic approach is one of our core principles. The versatile design practice of Lori Hoffman Design seamlessly integrates multiple disciplines for consistent design excellence throughout. With a history of design excellence for over 30 years, we offer a suite of services for environment design, branding design, graphic design, and fine art, applying a broad palette of design styles and solutions suitable to any application. Through a carefully integrated design approach, our method of incorporating strategic advantages and cost efficiencies will result in a comprehensive and consistent design language across all mediums.


Environment Design

Need a minor update or a remodel? We provide concept, design and implementation that brings a touch of sophistication and originality to our clients’ projects, offering: Space, storage & lighting planning • Color, décor, furniture, finish & equipment recommendations • Lighting needs assessment & recommendations • Recommendations for bath fixtures, flooring, surface materials & hardware • Re-purposing plans for integrating existing items with new items • Project management • Consultation for effective merchandising presentation & display • Fixture selection for lighting, bath and kitchen fixtures • Integration of business branding with the business interior • Landscape & outdoor use audit • Interior design concept, development and planning • Landscape design, plant & hardscape specification plans


Branding Design

Need branding or an identity system for your company? We can help. We provide design auditing services along with concept development, design, graphic production and final preparation. We also offer print production quality control to ensure the final result meets our clients’ expectations. Our processes establish compelling sales platforms for both products and services. Designed to clearly position our clients’ business apart from their competition, our distinctive branding sends a distinct message, and in doing so, our clients’ business gets noticed. By creating a focused campaign rollout over a broad range of media, the message remains consistent throughout, for best branding practices demand that the identical message is received by everyone across all communication platforms.


Graphic Design

Don’t want to follow the crowd? Just say ‘no’ to following the latest trend. From a single individual project to an integrated campaign, we have the experience, resources and expertise to help you reach your goals. From a position of perspective and originality, we assess our client’s needs before beginning each project. With the project goals and specific parameters informing the process, the resulting solutions are a focused approach designed to elevate our clients’ product or service above all others in the marketplace. With distinctive design resulting from strategy instead of decoration, we provide memorable solutions that are not only aligned with our clients’ overarching business strategies, but also intentionally communicate. Good design is easily understood, and by motivating consumers to action, our clients achieve their marketing goals.



Unlike design, what is considered ‘good’ art is purely interpretive. Drawn from Lori Hoffman’s personal point of view, her artwork can be interpreted on different levels. One is invited to relate to the feeling that is evoked, learn from it, be inspired by it, or is welcomed to be completely unmoved by it. Since rarely does a personal viewpoint or emotional response contain a single meaning, there is no correct way to view it. Lori focuses on subject matter that speaks to her personally, and her art often evokes a strong reaction in her audience. And by finding the audience that connects with her subject matter, an emotional connection between Lori and her audience occurs. After all, art is judged by opinion, and opinion is governed by personal taste, so it’s important to be moved by it. Since Lori’s goal is to create works of art that move you, visit this site often for links to her latest work.

Lori Hoffman’s artwork is currently available purchase­. Please call for details.