Lori Hoffman


about lori hoffman | member ASID, SEGD

Lori Hoffman is no stranger to the world of design. As a designer for nearly 30 years, her deeply rooted passion for design springs from a strong family legacy. It all began with her parents.

For over 50 years, Lori’s father, Don Hoffman, designed and manufactured exquisite jewelry and decorative objects of fine caliber from his exclusive Beverly Hills showroom. Legendary amongst Hollywood and social elite for his whimsical and creative jewelry, he had a loyal following. Even Los Angeles society columnist, Hedda Hopper dubbed him in her column as the “jeweler to the stars.”

Lori’s mother, Margie Hoffman was talented designer as well. Distinguished as the first woman to graduate from Art Center College of Design in the field of Industrial Design, she went on to design interiors for both the Bon Marche and Paul Siegel in Seattle, Washington.

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak and Lori is no exception. Working in her father’s boutique early on, Lori went on to study architectural and landscape design at University of Oregon, later graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography with a B.A. in Commercial Photography. For the first 20-some years of her career, she worked in advertising as an award-winning creative director and designer for design studios, advertising agencies and corporations. Developing advertising and branding strategies for clients large and small, Hoffman directed the look for various branded identities, printed collateral, videos, product photo shoots, web sites and tradeshow displays. Over the course of her career in advertising design, Lori has received numerous awards for design excellence.

After attending from UCLA’s Interior Design program in Los Angeles and graduating with honors, Lori’s passion for residential and retail design, design/space planning, outdoor living and garden design, furniture revitalizing/refinishing and fine arts finds its way into her environment-based design projects. With such an extensive design background, Lori’s unique approach to design projects and her cross-collaboration with her clients results in striking design outcomes.

Today, Lori Hoffman’s design work embraces all manner of design. With a strong personal interest in environment design and art history, her design inspirations spring from a variety of sources, yielding a broad palette of design styles and solutions for any application. Whether you have a project you have been considering, you’d need some design advice or help with it, please contact us.